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Apple Watch Sizing Guide Download

Why we made Apple Watch sizing guide

Our friends, family and other developers we know are very interested in Apple Watch but everybody is confused about sizing. First, we want to know which watch to pick: 38mm or 42mm? Then, we ask ourselves, "How wide is my wrist and, what bracelet size I would need?"

Apple has a great sizing guide, but unfortunately, the graphics in that guide are not to scale.

The uncertainty described above explains why Apple has set up hands-on units that arrive in Apple Stores on April 10.

But why wait for a hands-on preview when we can create Apple Watch graphics to size, so you can print it and check it out right on your wrist. Or, what if you don't live anywhere near an Apple Store?

Sure, it’s not a perfect arrangement, but not everybody would be able to try hands-on demonstrations. For a device Apple calls its "most personal device" ever, you want to make sure it's going to work for you. That's what our handy guide is for.

You can download our guide http://bit.ly/1HxOUa4.

This is the first version of the guide therefore you may find some errors and ways to imrpove this guide. Visit our feedback form here

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