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— Reach Strength, Health and Bodyweight Goals with HiiT Interval Training and Stopwatch.

Ideal for use at home, in the ring or in the gym. Perfect interval timer for those looking for an intense workout session. Interval training is one of the best ways to get results. EXACTimer for iOS is the perfect companion for the gym, park home or anywhere else you choose to work out whether you do cardio, crossfit, boxing, MMA or any other type of time-based interval workouts. EXACTimer will give you the ability to save custom timers, sort your timers into folders for organization and share them with other users.

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Exact Fitness Timer App


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Quick overview

In addition to interval training, the built-in tempo timers are great for body-building and confusing the muscles. Whether you want that rock-solid core, awesome butt, or tight toned muscle. It doesn't matter if you use free weights or bodyweight, you will find that modifying your lifting tempo can make worlds of difference to your workout.

  • Simple, easy to use interval timer for iOS
  • Designed for iOS 7
  • Select a timer and begin a workout. No fuss. No frustration
  • HiiT Timer
  • Circuit Training Timer
  • Tabata Timer
  • Round Timer
  • Custom Timer
  • Compound Timer for Easy Customization of Complex Interval Sets
  • Create and Save Custom Timers
  • Save Your Timer Collections Into Folders for Easy Organization
  • Share Timers with friends
  • Listen to music in a background while timer is running

Ready Made Timers

  • Arms & Abs Challenge
  • Belly Fat Burner
  • Stress Free Workout
  • Morning Sun Yoga
  • Burn Fat not Mass
  • 2 or 5 Min Full Plank
  • Wall Sit: Beginner
  • Wall Sit: Moderate
  • Wall Sit: Intense
  • Extreme Plank Pyramid Challenge
  • Monthly Army Fit Test
  • 7 Min Workout
  • Boxing Match Timer
  • EMOM 30 Min Crossfit
  • Ab Circuit
  • Abs: Toes to Bar
  • Abs: Hollow Rocks
  • Flat Stomach Workout
  • Tabata Abs: Situps & Roller
  • Pullups Challenge
  • 12 and 8 Min AMRAP
  • Pushups & Wallballs Tabata
  • Crossfit Circuit 3 Rounds
  • Tabata Crossfit
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  • exact fitness timer screenshot
  • exact fitness timer screenshot
  • exact fitness timer screenshot
  • exact fitness timer screenshot

Exact Fitness Timer

— Reach Workout Goals, Build Better Body Now for FREE!

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