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- It's time to take your fitness tracking to the next level.

Even if you already make fitness a priority, it's important to keep track of your results. Fit Calc helps you do just that. With a built-in array of calculators that help you figure out your BMI, calories burned during exercise, ovarall caloric intake and more. Read below for a full list of calculators included within the app.

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Quick overview

  • Multiple fitness calculators to track your goals and milestones.
  • Learn your current BMI, base metabolic rate and target heart rate.
  • Figure out your ideal weight based on your frame size.
  • Calculate your daily caloric intake and expenditure.
  • Found out how hard you really worked out.
Fit Calc overview



— It’s time to take your fitness tracking to the next level for FREE!

* Some features are available after Upgrade to PRO version

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